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allison moledo

Vice President, Talent and Development

Cardinal Group Management



Allison is responsible for overseeing all Cardinal's strategic initiatives relating to our people.  Allison is committed to attracting, training, developing and retaining our team members.  Allison leads our talent management, training and development, and retention efforts, including; recruiting of top talent, on-boarding and ongoing training of team members, performance improvement, culture enhancement, team member engagement and recognition programs.


Allison helps close the gap between potential and performance primarily through performance reviews, talent assessments for selection and development, team development, change management facilitation, talent planning, and leadership coaching.  Allison believes long-term business success is achieved when the right people are in the right roles, and are developed, nurtured, and prepared for future success.


Allison has over 17 years of experience in the property management industry.  Prior to joining Cardinal Group, Allison assumed various operations and human resources roles at Carmel Partners and RedPeak Properties, where she specialized in talent management, training and development, mentoring, coaching, sales, customer service and marketing.


Allison's commitment and passion for people , her deep understanding of organizational culture, and well-honed talent for finding leaders who can effectively manage makes her a critical part of our senior leadership team.

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